Quartz Banger 2mm Thick 45º
Quartz Banger 2mm Thick 45º Alt
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100% Quartz Banger 2mm Wall - 45º

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100% Quartz 2mm Thick 45º Banger

This 2mm wall quartz banger is designed for smaller lower temp dabs.  Its thinner walls quickly get you to the temps you desire at the cost of a slightly steeper learning curve than its thicker 4mm sibling, but very much worth the effort.  Due to its thinner walls, the 2mm takes less time to heat up and cool down but provides a very fulfilling experience once you learn the curve.


Quartz bangers are the quintessential tool for any concentrates connoisseur or beginner alike.  Experience full and every nuanced flavor of your legal essential oils in the purist way.  Quartz is ideal due to its ability to maintain a lower temperature for a longer period of time before cooling off, preserving the integrity of your essential oils rather than burning them off... resulting in a more robust and pleasurable experience.

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