Incycler Puffco Peak Glass Attachment
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Incycler Puffco Peak Glass Attachment

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Take your peak to another level with this Incycler Puffco Peak Attachment.  The stock unit is only amazing if you haven't tried one of these.  This incycler attachment will take your experience to a whole other level... raising the bar dramatically.


Thick glass construction throughout, this piece keeps water out of your unit and your mouth, while enhancing flavor and the cool factor.  The water drains down the middle to the bottom, virtually eliminating the possibility of reaching your mouth while the outer stem is extra long keeping any water from accidentally travelling into your expensive unit.  The showerhead percolator makes sure you get lots of bubbles... lots of flavor... with lots of love.


Product Height: 7"


This item only includes the Incycler Peak Attachement

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